Sydnie Ridley, M.S., MFT (MFT#36053)

Phone: 310-463-5106

Specializing in the treatment of eating disorders, adolescents and depression.


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Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center:

Gurze Eating Disorder Resource Catalogue: 

The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness:

Healing Connections:


Depression Treatment:

ANAD: Health and medical directory and information on the web.

Academy for Eating Disorders: Promotes effective treatment, develops prevention initiatives, and stimulates research.

Casa Palmera:

Steps Magazine: The online magazine for those recovering from eating disorders:
Women's health club: Informative, educational and user-friendly web site that offers valuable information on women's health issues.
Health care clinic: Information on health care and various diseases. 

Janet Zinn, CSW:

Barbara Reese - Women's Therapy:

Center for Hope of the Sierras:

Center for Discovery and Adolescent Change:

The Family Compass:

Monte Nido Treatment Center:

Monte Nido Vista:

Eating Disorder Center of CA:

RainRock Treatment Center:

Carolyn Costin, LMFT:

Harmony Grove:

We Bite Back: the first post-proanorexia website. This is the site that comes after the madness. There is no place for people to go who have been finding support on pro-ana forums, communities and email lists once they decide they don't want to do the ana thing anymore... not until now.


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